12inch Burger at Cravings Kitchen and Bistro @ Sunway Giza

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In my list, when I do not know where to hunt for food, there are 2 places which is my favourite hunting ground which is Kuchai Lama and Kota Damansara but after recently I went again to Kota Damansara and make a few rounds around that area before heading to the newly build mall Sunway Giza, I could not denied that now I would rate that place as food heaven. Can you imagine that, there are more than 50 restaurants and hawker center just around that area?

If you are bored with normal food, then head to Cravings at Sunway Giza that offers variety of unique food. Be prepared to be amazed by some of their signatures


I have seen many bloggers blog about a restaurant in this place, and I we went to this new restaurant which is only 2 weeks old at this mall, Cravings.

I love their design how the make their exterior look with white wooden plants on the wall that makes them stand out compare to the rest.

craving (2)

The lower ground interior is a simply modern café style design that makes it cozy for a simple gathering or dines in.

craving (3)

You can choose to walk up to the upper level by the spiral stairs or another entrance at the side.

craving (4)

craving (5)

On the second floor is lit with blue lights to create ambiance for drinking session as they have a bar in that area.

craving (7)

I would say, they have a unique menu with a reasonable price.

craving (9)

Behold for the night to kick off with one of their signature, that caught our eyes big wide open with their ’12” Cravings Monster Burger’ @ RM25.90

If you tell me, I have always eat a foot long or consider 12” Subway sandwich but I have never eat a 12” burger before. We were all like, woahhh…. And we just cant wait to get our knife and fork to dissect it as the aroma of the Pattie smells good, it is serve with 4 different patties (all home made by the chef) - Vegetarian, Lamb, Chicken, Beef, bacon and cheese.

craving (8)

This is the look of Ken as he is raping the burger with his eyes.

craving (10)

How we eat it, simple as we often play Jengga, you make the whole thing collapse then start eating it.

craving (11)

If mustard were added in, my god, it will taste absolutely good!

craving (12)

Up next is ‘Chicken Soup with Herbs’ @ RM6.90, as this version was cook to be blend in taste that I find it quite unique.

craving (14)

One of the dish that caught my attention is ‘Kongguksu (Korean Noodle in Soy)’ @ RM12.90 as when this whole bowl was serve it looks very white and when I help the waiter to put it on my table, I was surprise as this is serve cold.

craving (15)

More to my surprise is that they add in apple slices and ‘Bok yi’ which can find in tong sui to go along with the noodle.

This dish, some of us like it some of us do not like it but for me, I quite like it cause they cook using soya bean as the soup base and the other 2 ingredient added it was weird but taste good. I feel very healthy when I ate this and I sure do not mind to eat this especially for my breakfast.

Later the chef only told us that it’s a dish originated from Korea which he learn from his friend. Interesting.

craving (16)

'Halloween Dinner' @ RM 23.90 This fried rice was put into a pumpkin to get the aroma of it, turns out to be good, with the prawns at the size, its fresh when we eat it as the meat is solid and stick to the skin when we peel it off. Its quite a huge serving though.

craving (18)

‘Triple Decker’ @ RM10.90 that the chicken had been fried and another layer of fried rice were added on top. 2 ways to eat it as you can eat it in its original serving or like what we do, we mix everything up and eat it but I find that eating it by original serving, only can taste the fried rice and the chicken taste as they had been fried perfectly with ‘wok hei’.

craving (20)

'Dehli Fried Rice' @ RM 23.90

This is the first time that I saw a fried rice was serve by using Green and Red pepper as the wall, and it serve with 3 different flavour, normal, sour (with lemon squeeze in it) and spicy.

I cannot deny that, their fried rice range is quite impressive in taste as the rice are prepared in a secret method to get such a result (non sticky yet fried till dry its good)

craving (17)

'Sichuan Noodle with Crysanthemum' @ RM 9.90

Another dish that unique in taste that use chrysanthemum that originate from Sichuan that cook along and add on with some ‘ham choy’. First bite into your mouth it will feel blend but after a few bites and sips, the taste certainly is quite unique that, a bit sweet yet sour and the chicken added in is soft and flavourful.

craving (19)

'Macau 'Lua' Noodle' @ RM 9.90

With noodle base of pan mee that top up with a half boiled egg and served with chicken slices is something we do not get to see everyday, and we mix the egg and stir it together, the first bite we find it quite tasteless and we requested the waiter to give us some soy sauce, me and ken add in a bit and we were giving thumbs up and both of us just finish this whole dish. (if you feel it is tasteless, just request for soy sauce to bring up the taste, but some people prefer the original taste)

craving (21)

‘Grilled Steak with Hot Chili Salsa’ @ RM 34.90

craving (24)
Fine grill steak medium serve with a glass of Wine with chili salsa to bring a touch of Mexican to the steak.

craving (23)

'Dome Steak (Marinated with Dom Liquor)' @ RM39.90

craving (22)

'Grilled Lamb with Black Pepper Sauce' @ RM 34.90

craving (25)

'Craving House Burger' @ RM28.90

craving (26)

when I first saw this burger, I was like laughing and said its Crocs burger with the look similar like crocs shoe with a letter C there some more but then it represents C- Craving. It was served with fine juicy patties.

craving (27)

Then we request it to be cut out as I love the bread and taste of the patties, a bit crispy on the outer layer but soft and juicy inside.

craving (28)

'Cuppuccino' @ RM 11.90

craving (31)

'Mocha' @ RM11.90

Infussion Fruit & Tea Range

craving (29)

'Banana Wilberry Tea' @ RM10.90

craving (30)

'Leamonade Tea' @ RM7.90
craving (32)

And the secret behind this dish are all prepared by this great chef whom had more than 10 years experience in cooking at UK and had just recently came back to be part of this kitchen.

With the price, ambiance and quality I find it quite reasonable.

Cravings Kitchen and Bistro
Sunway Giza
Kota Damansara
*Pork Free


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