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Genre: Drama, Western, War

At first I did not bother want to watch this movie because I had watch a few shows winning the awards and got nominated in alot category always a boring show, but the movie have been a few weeks old and during weekend it is like in the cinema board putting 'selling fast'. I thought how come this kind of movie also got so many people want to watch. Then watch it last weekend.

This movie is about a couple trying to get a herd of cow to Darwin harbour. During the movie, you will get to see the wonderful scene of the Ayers Rock, the waterfall, you will be delighted and amaze of how the way they capture this movie yet, it is very touching on how Nicole Kidman,(ms.bos) cared of the Aborigines which they called it the Mix-not white not black and find the kid in the island when Japan invaded Darwin city during World War II.

To those who like to watch drama movie, I would definitely recommend this movie. A very nice movie. It is around 150minutes.

-- Tik Ching, Must Watch, Stamped --

Overall ratings 8.5/10

-- The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk --

Dorae-Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Mont Kiara

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This is my second visit to this restaurant. My friend introduce me to this place beginning of the year. Then suddenly thought of eating Korean BBQ and thought of this restaurant.

The boss and the son is very kind and friendly. One thing you must know that the staff here are alot. Really alot.

You will be given a bowl of soup to start of with. The soup is nice, filled with cabbage and taste abit like miso soup.

The garlic in olive oil is heated in the BBQ pitt.

Jason is so excited till he has to msg his friends about this.

For the starter, there are alot of variety to choose from, as what I remembered in the beginning of the year, the starter was not this choices, they have potato salad. Then I was told that they change occasionally. To keep fresh ideas so that customer don eat the same thing.

This is the 'Ginseng Chicken Porridge'. I thought it would be very nice, strong with ginseng taste. I can say that, it is tasteless, it is not what I expected, would have some taste of Ginseng and the wine thing. This dish is totally out. Would not recommend to friends or readers.

This is the 'Korean Pancake'. It is someting like other ordinary pancake, the taste is different. It is something simple and nicely cook. I would recommend this dish.

I remembered that they 'Pork' is nice. why is it nice, see the process then you will understand why. First Grilled...then...

Turn the side, so the other half can be cooked

Cheng Cheng Cheng.......It is done, nicely cooked by one of the helper..Thank you!!! The pork that they cooked out, is juicy, and with the sauce that they have marinated, is strongly preserved. So when you take one bite of it, you can feel the softness, sweetness of the marinated sauce and dip with the sauce given, is totally perfect.

This is the 'Lamb' my personal favourite. Cook with the marinated herbs that they have deep seasoned it.

The nicely golden brown yet not so burn lamb is ready to be eaten..... I like this alot because when you bite it, you can taste the herbs and the marinated sauce something like teriyaki sauce in your mouth. The lamb that they use is so soft, not like some satay stalls you bit it cant bite through the skin of it.

The best way to eat these BBQ is to take the cabbage they put on table, then wrap on it and eat it in. I will just taste so so so nicee....

This is the 'Beef'. Disappointed with this 1, as the slices of the skin is a bit thick. Scared that it might be overcooked or never cooked. You know la..with the 'bangla' at work. Hardly communicate

This is what it had came out. Disappointed. Asking us what we want, we requested medium rare. Based on the picture and the real thing was just in front of me, I would say this looks a bit like ' Bak Kua'. did not manage to finish this dish because not nice, hard, no juicy. You have to look at the meat when they cook, how you like it just take it up instead of BBQ'ing in there for too long till so dry.

This I totally do not have idea what is it call as it is the complimentary of the restaurant. Looks like chawanmushi, but does not taste like one.

Jason is like Hahahaha...we also manage to finish all the food. We really GILA... 1 thing for sure most of us will like, the service here is amazing, 2 tables for 1 waiter. So it is like lightning fast if you need anything. Standby just for you. With all the lovely dish, we do not need to cook ourselves, they are the chef, specially trained, would not say professionally.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 7.5/10 , Good -Stamped-

- WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

No. 9-1 Flr
Plaza Crystal Ville Center,
Jalan 23/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6203 2616

Mama Mia

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I have always wanted to watch a stage play, but always there is hard to find someone to go with. At last I found one. As I did blog about how happy am I when I got the ticket.

But definitely that day, I do not know where is Istana Budaya. When my friend told me it is here, I got shock and I asked her did we come to the write place. It seems like a building that got abondand. The outside view is Sexy...

Wow, this is what they declare a world class stage play building, whereby I believe there should be a fountain on the pond, well painted walls and nicely taken care off. The sight of the main entrance to the World stage play area is unbelievable 'Pretty'. No maintainance, dissapointed with the sight.

On the inside it is another story. This is my first time I set my foot in Istana Budaya. It is abit old whereby when you step in got that kind of old cinema smell. Miss the smell, anyhow I was totally impress on how the interior is.

The interior of the Istana Budaya is really up to the standard. Compare outside(very kampung style) and the inside is like so modern..

Previously did manage to pull some one to watch with me. Thanks Lys.

This is me, the Mama Mia wanna be.

In the show, I was sitting on the 3rd level, because did not manage to get the early birds. If I did I would have the good sits on the ground floor.

Anyhow, the whole scene is like what you seen in the Mama Mia movie, just that in the movie they have more scenery to look at, on this stage play, I am quite dissapointed as there are just 2 tall walls that represent as their wall and move around the entire play. I thought the back ground would keep changing, but comes to logical, the whole scene is on the hotel area. So acceptable in the end. If you know ABBA songs you will surely enjoy, if you do not know, you will sit down there yawning non stop like the stranger sitting beside me.
The lighting of the play is good, totally following the rhtym of the music, their costume I must say, it is impressive in the end. The whole play I would say is so so only BUT usually people said the best is the last. Their really best part of the whole play was in the end of the play. Whereby they sing and dance all the way, stiring up the whole environment.

Usually, when such a great play, we will stand up and clap for them, let me tell you of what happen to me.....It happen during the last part of the play whereby they start to sing, every 1 on the ground floor and lower ground stainding up and enjoying the songs sang by them and me and my friend stand up also.

While enjoying ourselves, suddenly I feel there is 1 finger tapping on my shoulder hard. It was the 'ah pek' sitting behind me, dress up nicely, looks like rich family with his wife, then I think the sister and the daughter. With unpleasent manner, he asked me and my friend to sit down in a harsh way. Then the wife stare at us like I have curse her family 18 generations deep, and sitting there like 'Guan Yin'. Then the daughter keep staring at us like with the look of no respect of elder. *FUCK!! (not like I dont, but depends how u treat me.)

With all the people around them standing, clapping and dancing all the way, just 4 of them sitting like a statue.

I was saying out loud, they from which kampung or planet weird eh.!!! 1st time come to play ah? or too old cannot stand.(they never take tong kat) so I assume them still very healthy as they look like mid 60's only. Since so rich why sit so high..their neck can patah loh..the daughter never take care of them..Pity them...really spoil my mood on the end. But still they rocksZzzzzzz!!!!!!!

Great show, great music. Big applause for you guys~

Definitely I would go for other stage play as previously I miss the Beauty and the Beast.

New Year Eve Dinner, Kampachi @ Pavilion

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Was searching for nice Japanese food and Jeslin recommended this Kampachi Restaurant, have heard good food review that they provided here. Been always saying wanted to dine here, and finally get the chance to go with their classy outlook and cozy interior.

This restaurant is pretty huge with its luxury interior settings and spacious. Feel cosy to sit in a place like that to enjoy your meal.

Here are all the shasimi and sushi being prepared by all the busy chef here. All of the raw ingredients looks fresh.

This is what I have ordered. In the menu, the picture looks different from the rest so give it a try. They serve in a set and comes with miso, chawamushi, chicken and the main is Some salmon mix with egg roe. It is a cold dish. Did not know that. I use my chopstick and stir everything in there. Taste a bit weird at first cuz it is cold but then after a while, taste nice. The chicken is nicely deep fried. Chrispyyy on the outside, juicy on the inside. This is 'Shake Oyako/Wakadori' RM35

This is what Ian ordered 'Teppanyaki Beef Set'. When the set is serve, we were pretty shock of the serving portion. With his size, definitely he ordered the right food. I can't take beef,so cannot review on it but what he said is the beef is just tender, soft and nice. Not too cook as he order it to be half done. It cost RM48

Jeslin order this as she said wanted to go diet, 'Sushi Bento'. The shashimi is very fresh as this is what I say. It cost RM 48

Jean ordered 'Unadon & Salmon'. I have no comment on this dish cuz she sat the other end of me, so my hand can't stretch so what she said was so so only except the Unagi is nice. The dish is RM40

'Gyu Katsu Don' is what Jay Jay have for the night. It is something like Oyako don. This dish I would recommend as it is nicely cook on the chicken meat, the egg is not too cook, nice to blend/mix with the rice. Goes along very well. It is RM40 which I would say a bit expensive for this.

Ian is like a vacuum cleaner, sucking all the sauce and finish the whole dish. Dinosaur. Trying to cover his face not to be identified.

Jeslin too finish everything but I did help her on the last 2 piece of sushi. Trying to avoid too like Ian.

Good meal must always finish with a desert. Jeslin ordered this 'Macha Zenzai' cost RM16. Nothing special about it as a green tea ice cream with red bean sauce and Japanese mua chi. Can get it in MOF on the food court level which is something similar.

This is what Ian get for his desert 'Goma IC Special' RM 16. I think it is special because of the biscuits standing tall with red bean, mango, Japanese mua chi and Sesame Ice Cream(which I don like). Special in the deco but taste normal.
After sit, chat and eat by deciding to call for the bill, it comes up the total off RM289. What I can say is the price of the fine dining restaurant. Cant blame for it.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 7/10 , Good -Stamped-

- WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Lot 6.09.00, Level 6
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Bukit Bintang

Tel: 03-21489608

Fax: 03-21482608


Lunch at Bavarian Bierhous @ Wisma UOA

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This post was suppose to be up last year mid December, was not free to blog it delay till now. That time decided to go lunch at this Bavarian Beirhous a German food restaurant. The place looks nice and with the set lunch promotion was told by my friend is RM20 set. So we just went ahead.

It was kinda packed with the office people around lunch time

A very classic sitting place

The bar area looks pretty decent with the wall picture black and white

The set lunch is RM 20 include this soup, drinks and a main course.

This is the 'Pork Steak'. Looks pretty ordinary and INDEED it is ORDINARY. Noting so special about this dish as with the set lunch price totally do not worth what they serve. The pork with BBQ and some plum sauce gravy on top and mash potato at the bottom,' JUST LIKE THAT'. So plain.

The taste of the pork they over cooked it, therefore it is like very chewylicous and hard. The sauce is like BBQ and plum tasted weird. With the quality like that, I would say that most of the people can also just grilled it out. The mash potato is soft and riches with milk and some cheezy taste.

This is what they called 'Thueringer Sausage'. Simple and nice for the set of decoration. The 2 sausage is so small if I were to order it, I just would not know how can it fill in my stomach. Just by measuring it around my stomach, I think it just fill like 1/4 of my capacity.

The taste of the sausage is just .............. no comment.

Grace and me ordering the Pork Steak

Ee Lune ordered this sausage dish for small size person.

Well, I would say that their set lunch I would not recommend on it, but the choices are there, From Monday to Friday, every day their menu is different from a 3 choices to choose.

German food is usually famous for their pork, guess that I will be going back again to try on their signature dish. No More Set Lunch.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 5/10 , Beh Bai -Stamped-

- WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

No. 8, Ground floor, Wisma UOA II,
Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hrs: noon to 11pm, daily. Sun, 3pm to 11pm.
Tel: 03-2166 7268.


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Genre: Action/Adventure

This is the first time that I chose a movie to watch by not reading the synopsis. I thought it would be a very nice action movie something like Lord of the Ring style, with the barbaric people conquering a village by village. If the poster show that alien picture in the it, I WOULD DEFINITELY wont watch it....!!!

To my surprise the first 30 minutes was already kinda boring and I can see my friend already start yawning and the lady sitting beside me was already seating uneasy. As the movie plays along, to my surprise was a space craft. Then I was like ‘Shit..what movie is this, with the Iron age Era and a space craft, to make the movie even more interesting there was like a monster alien came out during early of the show. To my imagination or logical thinking, my mind just can’t click on both of the century together. Imagine, Barbaric with Futuristic guy and the lady(kuai lou) sit beside me another stupid show, that is what she said.

Well, this movie is about a very futuristic guy got stranded in the Vikings land, and during the crashing, the alien or creature destroy most of his city and follow the Outlander to the Viking’s era. The rest of the story is for you to find out yourself. As the end of the movie, me and my friends were very 'stim' and the gays behind me were sleeping, the lady guai lou beside me very dissapointed.

The best movie of the year for 2009.

Totally recomend to grab a DVD or download. Save your money!

-- Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped --

Overall ratings 3.5/10

-- The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk --

G2000 Sale

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If you people are looking some working attire, with Chinese New Year is your chance, a Warehouse sales for G2000. Happy Shopping.

Feeling Cafe @ Wangs Maju

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Was around that area to look for 'yam cha' and ended up here. Attracted me here because of the word. Feeling cafe. until I went up there was another cafe with people singing in there. As I always like it. The place is nice to hang around as they have pool and dart room.

They do have a drink and food menu there, did not try out the food because it was kinda late and the 2 people that sang that day really had a nice voice. Will plan to go back again and try the food. The drinks is not expensive compare to others which have this kind of services like Halo Cafe.

No.5&6, 1st Floor,
Jalan Metro Wangsa,
Seksyen 2, Wangsa Maju
53300 K.L

Tel: 03-4142 3086