Dec 22 - Happy Dong Zhi Festival (Winter Solstice)

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Making Tang Yuen is one of Chinese culture but its special on December 22nd which is a day for Chinese family member get together and make tang yuen (glutinous rice ball) which is also a day remarks that we are a year older.

Dong Zhi know as "The Winter Festival", is the last celebration in a year before the arrival of Lunar New Year.

My mom bought this ready made flour at the market and just need to roll it into small balls.

of course you have to tear it into small pieces or your desire size to make it into small round balls.

Usually will make the rice ball a few colours.

and after boiling into hot water with added on some sugar syrup this is ready to be eaten. Usually one of my favourite. I took 3 bowls of this. kekkee...

~ Happy Dong Zhi ~


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