Flying off to Hong Kong

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I will be flying off to Hong Kong tomorrow morning, foood, foood, foood, chou ta fu, curry fish ball and the tim summm.... Happie Labour Day Eveeryone!~!~

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller

For a movie goer I always anticipated Summer season movie. It is always the best movie around this time. To kick off with a great summer movie, so here comes Wolverine one of the anticipated movie and watch it yesterday night. It was full house for both cinemas.

I have not read the comic before but with the whole movie flow, I would said its a good movie, especially the effect of the blade after he become Wolverine. It is a good movie for me to understand more about X-men whereby the mutants were used by one of the Colonel for his experiment that slowly change them one by one.

The best part of the movie I like the most is the appearance of Gambit. With his cards skills and the stick hitting on the ground just makes me think DOTA.
The best end of the part of course is where Professor Xavier came out. From that only I know that is how Wolverine, Jean, Cyclone were recruited.

Of course in the movie you will get to see alot of special effects takes on the screen. It is quite obvious nevertheless still a good movie.

-- Tik Ching, PASS, Stamped --

Overall ratings 7/10 Not a bad movie.

-- Warning!! The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk --

Tong Sui @ Sg Wang

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After very disappointed lunch and still hungry cuz did not finish the meal and thought of having desert here, again as alot of times I passby saw quite alot of ppl and the food they offer seems good.

The food stall is mange by 2-3 auntie, thought that ppl around that age would cook good food. As I look around alot of ppl are eating the Nasi Lemak which I think is their signature food. Judging from the Nasi Lemak it is a very plain, just with egg, nuts, anchovies and sambal. Do not look tempting to me.

This is the look of the stall.

From the picture of the 'Tong Sui' it sure look very nice and so to be happened that on that day itself I forgot to walk over to see the quality of the 'Tong Sui' as you can peek at the counter where they warm it with rice cooker.

This is what I order 'Yi Mai Fu Chuk' (front) and 'Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Milk'(back)

To my dismay, I was like so watery till ike drinking water. Do Not look like tong sui at all! The ingredient that they gave in there is like 1/8 of the bowl the rest is water. Too little. The taste totally sweetness or the taste of fu chuk or bali. Hopeless drink. I only manage to drink 3 sip.

This is the 'Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Milk'. By looking at the picture will know that it is a bad 1. I have never seen such tong sui before. Not sticky, the coconut milk like mix with water as the colour of it is so pale.

The 'Bak Chang' also not nice, it is dry, full with nuts and abit tasteless. Quite expensive for noting much in a chang. Only nuts, salted egg yolk and mushroom.

Total for the 3 item is RM10 which is WTF!!! with the quality they are serving. Just not my lunch day. Eat every thing also tasteless and down loh~~~

Just wondering, the food is so not nice, why is it still so many people?

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 1/10 ,


--WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

6th Floor. Along the strech of Gasoline towards the lift corner.

B. Bee Tea House @ Sg Wang Part 1

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This restaurant always caught my curiousity to try on the restaurant as the place seems okay and quite crowded occasionally. So it was Saturday and do not know what to eat then thought of this restaurant and need to get someting at Sg.Wang also. It was quite empty when I reached. So chose to sit on the swing area.

Usually in a restaurant when I saw there is a 'Jasmine Green Tea with pearl' I would just order it. The taste of course would not too sweet. The pearl is very nice, not too soft but very chewy. The kind that I prefer. RM4.90

My friend she ordered 'Fizzi Ribena with Lemon'. It is quench thrist drink. So refreshing after drinking it. Not too much Ribena syrup on it and just nice and the lemon taste with the ribena goes along well. RM5.50 which I think it is kinda expensive for Ribena and a slice of lemon.

In the menu, there is not much food to choose from.

In the menu, what looks interesting in the picture was this 'Crispy Chicken Rice'. It came out someting similar on the picture but with dissapointment on the taste, it is not good at all. The chicken slice is so thin till like you are eating the crispyness of it all the time. The gravy sauce taste geli. More like a clear watery mushroom sauce. Ended up did not finish the meal also.RM11.90 for this.

My order was 'Curry Laksa' as I suddenly crave to eat that on that moment. When it came, I asked my friend did I order curry laksa or tomyam soup. Then ask the waiter and he said that it is Curry laksa. Shit!!! I have never seen curry laksa which is so watery till like tomyam soup or prawn mee. By the look itself already can judge that it is no good.

Both of us was staring at it and I take my first sip of the soup. As expected. With big disappointment!!! In the bowl have only a few pieces of chicken cubes, the long beans taste no good, the soup is so watery just like you boil a bowl of hot water and just add on some of the paste you can get it in Giant or Carrefour. I order Bee Hoon and Mee then ended up with Bee Hoon. I did not finish my food also. Too hard to swallow. RM8.90(not worth at all)Please change name to Chicken Mee or Tom Yam soup with added Chili in it.

In this restaurant, to go for a drink it is definitely good. But to go for the food, me and my friend totally no next time. BANNED!!!!
After that we decided to head to the second stall for desert on the other end.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 1/10 , -DAMM NO GOOD, BANNED!~

--WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

B.Bee Tea House
6th Floor (in front of Green Box)

Tel: 03- 2141 2020

Kepala Ikan CSL @ Chan Sau Lin, KL

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Last week, my friend know that I like to eat so they brought me to this place. Curry Fish Head is also one of my favourite although I do not really know how to eat it except for the fish meat. My first impression when I reached there was like 'Oh..noooo, sure gonna be hot!'

As we reached pretty early, so the crowd is not so much and the parking space is quite alot. Can just park along the road side.

This is what I would call smoking zone with no air conditioning. They have another area with air condition. When I went in there, were just ngam ngam got 1 table left for us. It is already full in there.
As time pass, the crowd are pouring in during lunch hours.

I did not know what to order there, so let my friend order everything. So this came by for the first dish, 'Lala Fried with Garlic and Chili'. Clear taste, simple dish but fried to perfection. Got the 'Wok' taste and the garlic taste sure do stuck on the lala. Then every 1 was already having a piece of it. When the rice came, already half plate gone.

This is their signature item which is 'Jiong Jhing Fish Head' The fish is very fresh as the meat of the fish is just so soft without the stinging taste of it. The best part of this dish of course is the gravy of it. It is black bean sauce with some chili and another taste which makes it so perfect to put on with rice. My friend was happily putting the sauce on the rice till like banjir. Some even just drink it like that. Was not too salty, and u would want more after that. Highly Recommended

Next would be the 'Curry Pork'. The thickness of the curry is just perfect. The meat was soft and wasnt too hard till you have to much quite long to swallow. The curry is mild and goes very well with rice also.

The vegie is nothing special 'Vegie with garlic'. Just an additional dish to add along with it.

Overall, we were very satisfied with the food there, and the fish head was very big. The total bill came by RM77 with 2 fish head and the rest. The price was very reasonable for 7 people. Looking forward on returning there.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8.5/10 , -Veli Good lah~

--WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Jalan 5, Chan Sow Lin , KL
(from KL) - Sg Besi highway, then turn left into Jalan Chan Sow Lin,
then you will see a traffic light on the T-junction. Turn Right and go all the way in till you reach a mini bridge and go forward not more than 400m you should see the restaurant on the right.

Burger @ Bangsar South

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Recently I have been to O-Town Bangsar South quite often as I found out that, it is the most cosy O-Town Branch to meet up with my friends and it is in the middle.

Then I did notice a burger stall in front of it. So as I am sick of the food over there, so decided to give it a try as some times as I pass by there are not many customer in the stall. Most probably the location of its place. For me, if I were to open a stall, pretty sure that I wont pick that spot. The passerby customer is so little.

This is the burger stall that located in front of the 7-11 over there and it is run by 2 local students which is they are doing part time of it. While waiting for the burger had a chat with the stall owner found out that the cost of operating this stall is not more than RM1k because they are not taking franchise. As I know a Ramlee Burger stall need around RM45k for Otai do not know, never ask before.

They way they are doing the burger sure looks good, juicy, and tempting. The fact is the taste of the burger is not bad, surely can improve more. If the meat were to grill a lil longer, it would be perfect. If they can make their mayonnaise sauce more unique then it would be a perfect burger arleady. The best part of the burger is of course the black pepper sauce that they are using. RM4 for this 'Burger Special with Cheeze'

Overall the taste is not bad, considering that they are new in the industry and surely will go back again some time.
To visit this stall, you must have fate with them, because the stall syok syok open, syok syok not open. No consistency of when they are operating.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 5.5/10 , -Okay lah~

--WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Jln Kerinchi(Bangsar South)
O-Town Traffic light turn right towards Pantai Panorama Condo.
Jln 112H

Fatty Crab Restaurant a.k.a Fei Lou Hai @ SS24

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Out of nowhere my friend, suddenly suggest go eat Fei Lou Hai. Cuz she mention that has been long long time didnt go eat arleady. Her last visit was last year. My last was like about 1 year ago. It was a crave for them last year(their season) can say like the go every 2-3 weeks once but cannot be denied that the crowd there is always full. The best time to go is around 7pm and bad time to go is 7.30pm-9.00pm whereby you have to wait at least 30 minutes for a table(depends on the amount of ppl) usually big group have to wait longer.

This is their favourite 'Century Eggs' where they never miss. Taste good for this. Do not know how to describe. Know how to put into my mouth only for this 1. RM 6 each.

I still remember when I watch Fear Factor last year in AXN which this is one of the dish that they have to eat and that host was telling them that this egg had been stored for century already. It was funny that they way how he describe it but turns out to be one of the dish that we are eating today.

One of their famous 'Chicken Wings'. It was perfectly fried with golden brown layer and the softness of the meat in there is still been preserve. The taste goes very well with the cili sauce provided. RM 24 for this with 2 plates of the same amount(cannot remember how many pieces we ordered).

Knowing that we are all hungry people, so start off with 'Fried Rice' RM20 each for this and can you believe that it is a plate for 10 people to eat. After giving every one small bowl, it is just not enough. Can onli fit a small small portion in our stomac. So order another 1.
Never fail to order the 'R00oti Bakar', looks plain but sure do it is very crispy till like eating crackers on the edge, abit soft on the middle. RM1.50

The purpose of the roti bakar is to eat along with the gravy of the sweet and sour sauce. To make it more interesting and tasty, order a extra bowl of gravy and also request for the chili. Depends on your lvl of spiciness then you mix both of it into 1 bowl and eat along with the roti. Surely you will be satisfied.

Cheng cheng comes the main dish of the night whereby every 1 look at it by licking their saliva in their mouth. The 'Sour and Spicy Crab' Then we were suddenly told to stop!!!

Yeong trying to check whether the crab is fresh or not by poking on it how she does it I have no idea but she sure do have her own skill as her parents used to run a restaurant before. After QC check got pass from the tester and the crab just gone in seconds.

Cannot be denied that they still have their quality there. The freshness of the crab whereby the meat is hard and u tear it out it is in slices. The gravy of it of course it is spicy, sweet and abit sour. As expected. You will suck every last drop of the gravy on the crab and on your finger but of course a bit disappointed of the size of the crab for that day. It is a bit small compare to last time. Maybe just the season.

Next is the 'Steam Crab' which I prefer the most. They add in some chinese wine, and the soup base that had been created out during the steaming process is very nice to be slurp with. You can taste the freshness of a crab in this steam style rather than the spicy and sour crab. Because that style can cover up some bad taste crabs. Total for the crab for 10 person is around RM224


Of course usually if you want to have fresh crabs, it is advisable to go as early as possible whereby they will take from the most fresh to start off with and to the worst. Go early is also to avoid the long wait.

The total bill comes to RM340 inclusive of 5% gov tax. The service is not bad with such a high pace environment they are able to provide you the things as requested.

A very satisfied meal.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 10/10 , -Si Pek GoOod ah -

-WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Restaurant Fatty Crab
No.2, Jalan SS24/13,
Taman Megah,
47301 PJ, Selangor

Tel: 03.7804 5758

Chopstick Noodle House @ Mid Valley

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Recently my friend had fall in love with Kim Garry, whenever they go to Mid Vally, they would go there and dine. It is like their main place to dine, I dine with them till have phobia of Kim Garry. Once listen to the name I feel like vomiting.

To my surprise they, decided to change place to this Chopstik Noodle House. I asked them why here cuz the food here not really good as the one I used to go was in Bukit Bintang above Planet Hollywood back in those days, as for now I think already 'gulung tikar'. They mention that here more cosy cuz there were too pack with ppl on that day.

So here I am with the rest in this restaurant that I always walked pass with never had the intention to go in cuz as I walk pass no matter how many times, the restaurant also have so little ppl in there only even on weekend.

This is what most of my friend ordered 'Cincau with White Coffee'. Look impressive but the taste not enough. Never had a strong aroma of coffee taste and the cincau is just cincau. Taste smooth but not really sweet. Missing something in there. RM4.90

Next which is 'Honey BBQ Pork Rice'. The taste of the sauce is so geli which is too sweet like taking syrup and most of the roast pork edge were burn and look very black. The pork is just not as good as what I have tried so far. The taste of honey so far tasteless. RM10.90

This is one of the far worst 'Prawn Wantan Noodle' I have ever taste. The soup is tasteless to the point that you just boil a clear water and pour it in, add some salt and paper on top. The wantan was not really impressive though, with the filling inside just would not fit into my mouth. RM 11.90

Lastly, another of my friend order 'Dewy Honey'. Look impressive but the taste, okay la. Is not good as expected. They blend the honey dew and pour from the top, and the bottom of the base is too sweet like eating sugar syrup. The Nata de coco is countable so do the Honey dew biji. One word 'Hopeless'. RM5.50 for this.

All the price above must add in additional 5% and 10%s.charge. The service is prompt because we were the only table outside and indoor there is another table.

Now only I realise that why this restaurant have not many customer is because of the food quality. Sure would not go back and dine again for the price they are paying. I would rather go back to their 'lou tei fong' Kim Garry.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 2/10 , -BANNED -

-WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Chopstick Noodle House
Mid Valley on Starbucks ground floor that stretch
Tel: 03-2938 2211

Undefeated x Converse Poorman’s Weapon

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After looking so many pairs of Converse, sure this is the far most attractive to me. With the cross over with Undefeated and the price I found in E-bay is currently selling around USD 235. $%!#$!#$! out of my budget then. Hopefully can find a cheaper 1. SneakerNews

Pharrell x Spongebob x Vans Era Custom

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Sure this is another great pair of shoes to add into collection. Thought to post it up and it is unique by Vans from SneakerNews

Comme des Garcons PLAY x Converse Chuck Taylor

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Due to my upcoming trip, I was surfing the net and look back at all my fashion links that I had put it in some where dalam dalam in my folder already as I used to read it when I was at Melb. After returning had long click open. Then with my converse very koyak now.. So looking for a nice 1 to replace. I was browsing for Comme Des Garcons t-shirts and I found this link in google mention that new shoe cross over with converse. Click at it..OMG...hopefully it is within my budget to get this pair. Believe that the shoe will price will be quite high because of the logo Love there. *cross finger.

Found it at this site SnearkerNews one of my favourite website to look for shoe.

The Sniper

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Genre: Action

From the sneak preview, I thought it is a very good show as for quite sometime Hong Kong have not produce a very nice action pack or comedy movie already. Thought that tis might be good. After watching it, feels like someting similiar to other English movie The Shooter by Mark Wahlberg(of course this show is much nicer).

The whole show was like about revenge internally. Thought was the sniper team set up to fight with crime but in the end not as nice as I thought.

Can just buy a DVD to watch or if in cinema go for movie day. Save some money.

-- Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped --

Overall ratings 5/10

-- The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk --

The Passengers

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Genre: ‎Thriller/Horror/Mystery‎

In this movie, cannot be denied that Anne Hathaway is so pretty. With a young therapist like her, I believe most of the guys would fall for her. Elegant yet professional and soft.

At first I thought it was a ghost movie, didnt know that turns out to be more like a mystery. Whereby the plan had crash and Anne Hathaway were asked to take care of the survival of the crash passengers. This movie, were keeping us suspended and till the end, it is such a waste of time to watch it that Anne Hathaway were all dead from the beginning.

All the ppl that left the cinema complain that its a suck movie and some even shouted 'RefuundDDDD'!! To me, it is a boring and not so good movie.

Surely would not want to recommend ppl to watch it in the cinema.
Only considering download or DVD.

-- Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped --

Overall ratings 4/10

-- The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk --

The Fast and Furious 4

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Genre: Action

I am abit back track now on watching movie, as my time is so pack till I do not stand a chance to watch it when it first got release. Part of it also because I promise my friend to watch with her. Catch this movie 2 weeks ago but did not manage to put the review up.

As the classic of Fast and Furious with Vin Diesel the main cast of course it would rock the movie, especially part 1. After watching the movie, although it is part for, but to me it feel more like part 2, a connection from part 1 to here. This movie has upgraded its racing scene more sophisticated with the download of the GPS racing track. During that scene, I makes me recall more like when I am playing the Need for Speed game.

After watching Part 2 and 3, I still fancy part 3 the most with the drifting, fancy cars and hot chicks around with great soundtrack to mix with. Part for more like action pack with less showing of cool cars. Street race not much but the best part was they were taking the drugs to Mexico with the under tunnel. To me that's the best part of all and of course towards the end thing, just wait for Part 5 to come. same crew, belief that will be more action pack, hopefully on part 5 they will show more fancy cars with racing and great sound track.

Not a bad movie to watch after all.

-- Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped --

Overall ratings 7.5/10

-- The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk --

From Egypt with Love

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Egypt is one of the magical wonders of the world.

Not only that the Pyramid is unique but the people that I get to know for the past weeks they are very very friendly. Although the time I spend with them is not much but the thing I get to learn during the dinner was a bit shocking to me.

As what gurls usually say that they wanted to look for loyal guys. Surely can try Egypt. Why?

What I get to know was, one of the guy mention that how he communicate with his wife everyday when he got back home, he expect to see his wife at home when he is back that he will have a homey feeling. At least a warm welcome back home (something like Japanese), then he will at least spend an hour talking with his wife to understand any thing that she would like to share with him. Then after that only will have dinner. If he did not talk to his wife on that day for at least an hour, the next day he would take half day off just to talk to her(quite surprising when I heard this).

Amazingly, now he is in Malaysia, he also did the same thing, every day when he is back to hotel, he would talk to his wife for at least an hour through skype and most important to have web cam so that he can see his wife. When he go to sleep, he would leave his computer on and also the web cam and to leave it beside him with the web cam showing him sleeping to his wife every night till the next morning. He said that at least he felt the presence of the wife beside him. He mention that he cant sleep alone, just by that he can sleep at ease.

Second thing I came across quite shocking one also this:

As a guest that went over to their house for dinner, of course they will prepare the dinner. Not only that, they will prepare new clothings (some kind of home clothes) for the guest, so when they come over, they need to change into that clothing is to because let the guest feel that they are at home. After they had change into then will sit down on the dining table and the meal will be serve. The host wont dine together with them as the guest will occupied the main table. The host will then serve each of them accordingly making sure all of them are well served. While the guest are eating, the host will stand behind them and watch them eat including his children. Making sure that they are enjoying the food that they had prepared. (feel like waiter in a fine dining restaurant).

After finish the meal, they will shake hand, means that they had finish the meal and the guest are able to leave and the clothes that they are wearing were bought by the host will be taken by the guest as a gift. Then only all the guest had left the host will only start eating with the family.

AL Diafah @ Sri Petaling, Part 1

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For the first time I have to skip my posting that I MUST post this up first. Was very impress with the restaurant, and also the people from Egypt.

I got very very surprise that in Sri Petaling, there is actually 1 nice Arab restaurant here. Well, if you are nearby here, surely this shop will caught your attention as can consider one of the most good looking shop here during at night. Have to come here is because of company VIP client from Egypt that requested want to dine Arab food. So this is where my ah tau have arrange.

What I mean handsome of course by its outlook more yeng than any of the shops beside la..

When you walk in you will saw this miniature camel on the bottom left then house on top of it and also house next to the top right and of course the antique or signature look of Arab dining accessories.

There is 2 ways you can go up to the restaurant. 1. would be the Lift. 2.Exercise-climbing up the stairs. So I decided to do option 2 cuz I was impress by their own interior decoration full with wall painting, vase, tea pot like the Ali Baba style.. What I could not find is the Gennie in the bottle look thing. Sure I do would like to have my 3 wishes and were walking up you already got 50% of Arab feeling.

When I reached the restaurant I was like my heart. What a nice place that they had change the whole shop to be. All the walls full with different kind of utensils, kitchenware and others.

Alot of collection around the area whereby you can just walk around and look if there is not customer on their respective table. When I arrive I am still able to do that.

It was quite empty during that day, but as it is getting late the crowd start to pour in but most of the customer are from Middle East. The ambiance is surely good.

I don know what is this called but just took a pic as it was just right beside me.

Then of course all of the dining table is full with this tea pot. It is something very unique and to pour the water you have to push the top tip down in order to be able to let the water flow out. Something like a gun, you have to lift up the pin in order to shoot. Was wondering am I able to bring that pot back.

This is the menu which suits with the restaurant ambiances.

Looking at the menu, I look at the pictures to judge what food I want to eat for the night. It seems like everything is yummy and the choices is alot.

So we start off the night with our drinks which is from top left to right

Aden Tea
: taste more like teh halia. Nothing special. so RM10 for this.
Mix Fruit : Did not taste cuz was ordered by the Egyptians RM10
Ice Lemon Tea: uniquely from left is the sugar syrup, then next is the lemonade juice and only reach the pot of Ice Tea. It is for you to mix and match your own style of the taste. Be a mini table bar tender for the night. RM 10 for this.
Carrot Juice: is normal carrot juice. Nothing special RM10
There are another 4 more drinks that they ordered which is more unique that they recommend but I cant just go there and took all the pic because it was company VIP client. So just can took what is around me.
When I first stare at this it looks more like a bun to me but it is what they said high premium bread which I think its Pita Bread, compare to what they had in their home country. We were taught how to eat this with the rest of the entree on the table.

The first lesson of the night was to peal the pita bread then make it like a V shape in order for us to dip into the entree and hook some of the sauce up with the ingredient so that you can get to taste more of it.

Instead of what I always do is peel, then just deep and hantam the rest of it like a hungry person.

So end up all our meals were ordered by the Egyptian as they recommend what is good and famous back in their home country. So we just follow the flow for the night.

Start the first entree for the night. At first glance, I thought it was a tuna spread but turns out to be a 'Baba Ghanough' its a mixture of don know what in there but it taste real good when you eat it with the bun you would want a second piece. RM12

ahhh...haaa..This really looks like yogurt. It is some kind of cream which I do not know what it is just eat accordingly. It is also to eat along with the bread. 'Tahina Sauce' RM5

All time not my favourite 'Pickled Vegetable' RM5 each. I have try my best on tasting it but still yucks!
'Lentil Soup' RM 8 Do not have a chance to try this as it was one of the client who ordered it.Haih...
This is what I called the Arab Karipop.. It is actually 'Sambosa Lamb' RM10

This is what it looks like on the inside, were very nicely chopped into very mini pieces and while you eat it, you can just taste the lamb taste very nice and perfect with the Tahina sauce given. Due to limited pieces I could not have 2.

To me this is more like a mixture of self mix of everything. It is a bit cold but the taste a bit spicy, sour and mild good to eat with rice as side dish or with pita bread. Taste someting like we used to eat when we took nasi Briyani but of course taste much better.

'Mixed Vege Chicken Tagen'. A very unique pot they have come along with it but the best thing is after so many donkey years that I left high school science lab and at last I get to see it again a 'Pununu Buncen' was there burning to make sure that the dish is kept warm and abit boiling.

It taste more like a Minestrone Soup. Just that the taste in it not as strong as that. It is mild. The texture of the soup is not too thick and too watery. Eat perfectly good with pita bread or with the Al-Diafah rice. I was enjoying my dish with both ways and also recommend my friend to try it. RM15

The other dish which I did not manage to snap the pic but the client want us to try is the 'Fried Lamb Meat,Liver and Kidney' which once I had a mouth of it, I wanted to ask for more. The Highly Recommend by me. RM35

The other one would be 'Potato Chicken Tagen'. The chicken was well cook to softness and not very spicy but taste very mild. Perfect to eat with the rice for a good dish opener. RM15
'Mixed Grill' was highly recommended by the client, mentioning we should not miss this. So my friend she ordered this with a mixture of Lamb,Chicken and Beef(if not mistaken). Although it is a bit too dry for the lamb but the aroma is there. If were abit juicy, wow, it just taste perfect. The chicken is tenduri chicken, so nothing much to comment on that as it taste normal and lastly it was a roll of beef which taste so soft and tender, taste like specially marinated. The best of all compare to the other 2. RM35

'Madby Lamb' which is also highly recommend by the client. Which I totally agree with him. Although it is not very big place and the lamb is only 4 pieces which honestly cant really even fill my stomach if there were no pita bread entree.

The lamb was well marinated, and the taste of the lamb smell is not strong which some people don like and I prefer the taste or smell is stronger. The meat was grilled to perfection, juicy and soft which again were thought to use hand instead of cutleries. Finish my dish and I was hunting for more, look at my friend's dish see whether I can try to taste her portion. RM35

'Grilled Prawn' RM45 Never had a chance to try this but it sure do look very good and taste nice as the feedback came over that the prawn is very fresh.

'BBQ Chicken-AL Diafah Rice' The chicken taste normal, nothing much to comment. To me it is more like a tendori chicken. RM20

'AL Diafah Rice' The rice is very very nice. The taste of it and the aroma when you eat it with the main dish or the entree you eat. It goes along very well. Was not too dry or oily. RM7

'Ping Pong' By the name itself it sure do sounds very funny. The 2 desert was highly recommend by the client saying that we must try and insist we must. I always thought that their desert would be very sweet but then turns out to be not. But to me after heavy eating I feel that I cant really taste this desert, taste more like the stall at Pavilion selling yau char kuai with the ball ball thing. Taste not much different. RM6

When I saw this, I was very happy, I thought it was Cinamon stick. Turns out to be not. It is someting soft soft do not really know how to describe. It is 'Tamaribnd' RM6

While we were eating the client was telling us about some culture exchange of what they have and adopt in Egypt that I want to post it as another part as I find it very interesting. Part 2, coming soon.

I must seriously say that Egyptions, they are a good food eater. They just eat and eat alot. After all the food on the table, they went off to another table to enjoy themself with a cup of tea and desert.

Because of their very good service, and ambience and the food quality not the very best, they deserve it which I also think that their pricing is okay. Total bill came out to RM415

Food rating 9/10 , 2A - Above Average~

-= KA CHING =-

-WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Al Diafah Restaurant
43-1 and 45-1 Jalan Radin Anum
Seri PetalingKuala Lumpur
Oppsite Sri Petaling Hotel,
same strech as Maybank.

Tel No: 03 - 9059 6237