Sushi Zanmai @ 1 Utama

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This is one of the place where most of my friends like to go, when ask what to eat. Sushi Zanmai~ I also aiii.. why always here. As you know, girls they want something not heavy yet can abit diet so always end up Japanese food which is much more healthy compare to the rest.

From left to right:

'Ebi Mentai' RM6 - The prawns was not well cooked, and the taste was not as expected as usual dining. The mayonnaise taste a bit weird though. I think today the chef is abit out.

'Inari Kani Ebikko' RM3.80 - The skin is served cold which is nice but the ingredient in there is quite little can rate as KIAM SIAP category. Something is just missing in there. Just can figure out.

'Inari Salmon Salad' RM3.80- Quite dissapointed that the tuna was very little.

'Crab Maki' RM6 - In the pictures it look quite big but then when it was serve, you can take 2 pieces for 1 mouth. The soft shell crab just taste weird even my friend said so. It was soft, did not fried well.

'Chuka Lidako' RM 6 - always remain my favourite, never get a chance to disappoint me. Always serve abit cold and its nice to it, chewy and nice.

'California Temaki' which is noting much to commet on for this as it taste pretty nornoal with the rest of the ppl . RM4.80.

From left to right:

'Aburi Hotate' RM6 - Always my favourite for this 2. Soft and and a bit chewy. Jus perfect to go along with the wasabi. Will never miss.

'Salmon Mentai' RM6. was abit dissapointed that day of the way the serve the food. Doesnt look good nor taste nice. The salmon is not fresh. Taste Geli!

'Katsuo Tataki' RM3.80 - I do not know what fish is this but in the menu picture it looks good. When it reach our table, the fish look dry, like some 1 had suck its water or been vaporize some where. The ginger and the fish just taste weird to me. My friend directly asks me to finish it up.
This is far the most disappointed meal that I had in Sushi Zanmai so far. The food some of the dish that I ate is not fresh, the service on that day is just speechless.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 4.5/10 , -Dissapointed~

--WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Sushi Zanmai
SK 9A, 2nd Floor, High Street,
1-U Shopping Center, Selangor

Tel: 03- 7724 2030

Kepala Ikan CSL@ Chan Sau Lin, KL Revisit

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The double K, ajak makan! Bring you go. Then reach this place again! Seriously like to come visit this place with the boss along also but cannot denied that the food here is cheap and good. So this round order different kepala ikan.

As usual, I know how to eat do not know how to order, so this fish head is called ‘Hong Siew Fish Head' . After order we just had a short chat and the dish had been served. Damm fast!~

The fish is usually serve fresh, the meat is soft and the gravy that they cook can just soak in. It was covered with loads of taufu goring which had been soak by the gravy become lembik lembik. Got warning that cannot squeeze the lime as the boss don’t like. Okay loh. The gravy is not so thick, a bit salty yet sticky but suits the taste of the fish and eat long very well with rice. The fish is fresh that the boss eat what every parts that the fish have and left bones at the end. For me and the double K feels that last time 1 better.

To know what we had last time click here.

But seriously cannot deny that, wanted to have cheap, nice and fast food. This is one of the restaurant to hunt for.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8.5/10 , -Veli Good lah~

--WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Jalan 5, Chan Sow Lin , KL
(from KL) - Sg Besi highway, then turn left into Jalan Chan Sow Lin,
then you will see a traffic light on the T-junction. Turn Right and go all the way in till you reach a mini bridge and go forward not more than 400m you should see the restaurant on the right.

Kenny Surprise B'day @ Boston, Mt Kiara

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It was Kenny's B'day last month and he purposely came down to KL to celebrate with the rest as there is another guy's B'day also. So I have research some place to eat and thought of Boston as I was here drinking with my friends months back.

With him coming all the way down, of course we do not want to dissapoint him by just having a normal dinner and head to club butinstead of that, we have arrange a little surprise that will make him feel geli and eyes pop out!

Their menu was not dress to impress but sure do the ambiance in the restaurant.

I like this area the most, which is cozy, nice to have dinner and long chat after that followed by beer.

We were seated in this area as I have made a booking of 15pax. Thought of getting the middle area but then was told that it was the VIP area, so no luck~

On the night itself, there a lil live jazzzzz music been played, a really soft and relaxing music. Definitely, make the whole place very comfortable.

While on the way walking to the toilet, Kenny told me that lai lai..take this. A cool statue of naked man and women.

The bar......

and something very gai 1..after taking this pic one of my friend said that G4 - gay 4. WTF@

heee..of course, this 2 are my good friends from Jakarta which they had just landed by visiting Penang first then KL to visit me and the state and I directly kidnap them to join us.
From left to right:
Sexy Mermaid, Fresh Orange and Iced Yin Yeong

Lady ordered 'Seafood Spaghetti' which the cost of RM 17.95 with the ingrediant they are giving I think its worth the deal but once you taste it, you will feel its expensive. Lacking the taste of tomato puree, a bit salty than average, the prawn is not fresh, the spaghetti quite tasteless and just not my choice. Lady did not finish the food also.
This soup I didnt get a chance to try but what I heard its tasteless and when it was served, it is not warm. Yewww..Geli! 'Cream Pie' RM 9.95

Although the look is similar like Kim Garry or any other Hong Kong food restaurant but with the price tag RM25.90 was hanging on it, we expect it to be good. It didn’t disappoint us with the rich flavour of cheese, the taste of pineapple blend it well that makes it taste a bit sweet and salty yet with some sweet fragrance of pineapple. The rice was perfectly steam and the chicken was baked to its best. Soft and juicy. ‘Marinated Chic with Pineapple Cheese’

Ah Keong is suppose to share this with me. By the look itself already making me drool for it but this food I surely one of my highly recommended list. The taste of the prawns were very sour and spicy but surely suits for every one’s taste. The prawn is fresh yet not the kiam siap kiam siap style by giving you small small prawns. The sauce on the right is sweet and spicy with both combination on the rice, just makes you satisfy after the meal. Highly Recommended.

This is one of the particular nice meal where the sauce on top of it is good~ something sweet, sour and abit of spicy that add onto the meal that makes the prawn looks fresh but the prawns was fresh on that day. Never disappointing. Was cooked perfectly. Never had enough of it as I manage to bite smalll portion of it.

When I went over to Colleens place to take this pic, the broth was really tempting. Wanted to try it first but will damange the after effect of the pic. So faster faster take its pic of 'Rice Broth with Seafood' which cost RM13.95 and I think its very reasonable with the amouth of seafood they are giving.

The broth is silky smooth and the taste of the seafood is really mix inside in it that makes the whole aroma so nice to eat. One mouth leads to another. The seafood is fresh and wasnt salty at all. Just perfect and perfectly suits those ppl who are sick! Highly Recommended

Cant remember who ordered this 'Black Smiths Bronza Plates' that cost RM36.90. A hot plate sizzling sound when it was serve with the smell of the sauce that travels in the air makes you stare at it at the moment. Was grilled perfectly and with the sauce that rub against its meat which is soft and juicy, wasnt over cook but just at the right moment. Quite alright on it~

This wasnt really my kind of thought of Lamb Chop which looks like every thing just 'pek' on the plate and ready to be served. The meat got serve was quite tender but its more fats than meats. The time you were munching it, it was like munching on its vaints. Cant cut off the thing that makes you have to swallow the whole piece. Cant really taste much of the taste and noting much to comment on it.

Do not know what to order, so ended up me ordering 'Yong Chow Fried Rice with Tan Chic'. In the menu pictures, it look very nice but then what it came out to be something similar except on the piece of the chicken that shink so much compare with the 1 shown in the menu.

The Tendori chicken was rather dissapointing as it was over cook, feels like its already been cook but no one order and recook again. The meat was hard and the outer layer of the skin is burnt. The fried rice is very down also~ whereby it was still wet not dry and its like eating rice cum going to porridge. BANNED by me. Even though cost RM 16.90, never worth a penny.

Ahhhh...this dish was inspired by Kennysia's blog post during Christmas and by looking at the pic my friend also wanted to order the same thing as the review for its is quite good. Its the 'Blk Smiths Giant Prawns BBQ' with a price of RM88.95.

It was a gigantic prawns but it was very fresh as the meat is very tender and juicy with the alcohol aroma. I manage to tax them on a small piece of it and understand that it was a finger licking good prawns. For me to eat this 4 still cant really make me full but it was rather satisfy the dinner meal. Highly Recommended~

This shows how good the prawns is till every 1 were staring on it. That's the distraction part while me went to prepare everything, the cakes and of course the SURPIRSE!!!!!

This is how happy for Kenny which celebrate 2 times of b'day.

This is now one of our favourite cakes to by as all the time is Secret Recepi and we were kinda sick of it. Then was walking at midvalley and found this bread shop opposite Tony Romas in the lower ground opposite it is Bread .....~

After signing of the bday songs and everything, here comes the






This is the arrangement that we have made by asking Sofie to be the the gay. While eating the dinner, and after the b'day celebration, then suddenly Sofie talk to Kenny. Kenny, actually I got something to tell you but its a surprise. I want you to close your eyes so that you will feel the thing that I am goin to show you. So Kenny doesnt want, we used our hand to close his eyes.

Whole story of how it got planned ? At the end.

Then I asked him, come come, show some post and your lurrveee...

Then we told Kenny, are you ready to take the surprise, he nod his head
and we were laughing till our stomac very pain yet we have to act.





When we open his eyes, Kenny could not believe his eyes and nearly got heart attack. A guy standing there giving him flower and proposing to him and said that

'Kenny, I have actually admire you very very long time and yet you never dissapoint me.
You have been there to help me and from the first time I saw you,
I already fall in lurvee with you.
I know you might not accept me,
but please accept me and my flower on your big day,
this is the idea that I wanted to show you on your birthday.
It had been kept in my heart for years and I feel its time to reveal it out.
I need to let the rest of the friends know,

Kenny, I lurrve you and Happy Birthday!

In this pic was the most funny moment, as I was standing nearby Kenny to take pictures as I force him to, then he was smilling and bitting his teeth to tell me, Cibai Bok, pleas help me. I don want to be involve in this, faster faster help me settle, Please! please! Very sai loh like dat! HOW can.!!! I cannot laugh still have to control. Then told him that, aiya, please accept ppl la~ he already express d ma.. canot let ppl's effort to lose 1. He dare to confess wor..I respect him.. I CANNOT HELP you this time. YOU eat banana d.

Then the rest of them keep laughing and cheering till the other customer around there cheer also. Some of them look disbelief but the rest of us were have to be high and like OMG, what happen. It this serious? SHIT!!! Kenny you got Fanssss...wooohooooo....

How it started:
The whole story goes like that, the surprise idea was think by Yeong and she had asked Sofie to do the acting of the whole story. Early 1 week, she ask Sofie to start sending sms to Kenny, asking him normal life then start to flirt. Sometimes Kenny didnt reply but then just keep goin on but doest show that he is abnormal. The whole process goes according to plan. Then during that day, we will supply flowers just that he must act abit gay gay and then confess to Kenny. The dinner he will be seating opposite Kenny, then what ever Kenny trying to eat he must try to take other's ppl food and pass to him like a normal couples would do to each other. Then later after biday cake blow he would go into action. The confession was a script that handed over to him. The rest of the add on feelings is up to him how he do it.

Then the rest of us will just act in disbelief and be damm proud of the whole process.

After the whole surprise, we cut the cake and ask Sofie come come, feed Kenny-lahh~ feel sweet ma. Lol. The cake is very spongy and soft, rich with the flavour or mango and the sweetness in it. Cannt really detect any added sugar or colouring but we just enjoying eating this 'Mango Cake' which cost around RM39.90.

The meal was rather satisfying with the environment is pretty cool for bday celebration and pranking. The waiter were very helpfull and very prompt in servicing our table.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8.5/10 , Ok only -Stamped-

-WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Boston Mt.Kiara
Lot J-01-13,
SOHO KL Solaris Mt.Kiara,
No.2 Jalan Solaris 50480 KL

Tel: 03-6203 0830

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

The best movie of summer blockbuster so far. No comment for this movie as only a phrase. ‘Darnn GOOD’ 2 thumbs up~.


-- Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped --

Overall ratings 10/10, DAmm DamMM GOOD~

-- The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk --

Fusion Haven Cafe & Rest @ Sri Petaling

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I feel that this time lunch is pretty funny, that my Indonesian friends came visit over for holiday then I asked them what they want to eat for lunch, then they said, come I bring you go one place which is not bad. Then I was like ‘uh uh…how u guys know?’ they were like one of her friends bring them there. I was like okay loh~ you guys bring me there then~

So I ended up in Sri Petaling, and this shop is so hard to find. Kinda ‘terpencil’ if you never see it clearly. Will miss out.
They have a not bad environment, which I feel that it’s a combo of Kopitiam and Nyonya style. Pretty cozy and the best thing is during lunch time, the whole restaurant is only 1 table.

Saw on their walls that they did feature in Star News paper b4. Thought that the food sure would be good, if not wont be in the papers.

They have wide selection of food fusion food, from local delicacies to Western and even Italian. One thing I sure know that, the food decoration in the pictures were impressive.

So my drinks for the day, I am going for 'Honey Lemon' RM3.50. I feel that, the honey that they are using taste abit weird, and the combination of the lemon makes the whole drink doesn’t go along. Maybe they use the wrong honey but no complain. Still acceptable.

My friends order were the 'Kimuchi Ommelet' which they had tried on the previous meal then they said that it’s nice. The look of it is simple or consider normal and after trying the first bite, just got to know that it taste of soy sauce cover all the flavour. Taste more like drinking soy sauce rather than eating. The amount of Chinese sausage in it was pretty generous but still, it’s a bit disappointed by it and cost RM6.90

Here comes my order which is a Set Lunch menu 'Crispy Chicken' that cost RM 7.90. The whole presentation of the food is impressive as seen in the pictures but only item that doesn’t make me impress is the fried chicken. Look too deep fried so give them chance lah. Maybe good lei, never try never know.

Just that sometimes the look of the food can be pretty sure to be judge that its nice or not. It was true that the fried chicken was too deeply fried and it was a bit too crispy. For old ppl with fake teeth to bite on it sure will go a bit senyek or dented. The meat is too meaty and dry.

The banana fritters is soggy. The rice is quite salty because of their poring of soy sauce. Thank god that it was serve average size portion. If it was serve big, surely it will be a waste.

When we are about to leave it was already 1.30 and was there for 1 hour. Till we left there were only another 2 tables were we occupying. If there is still not many customers in the restaurant you know what to expect already even though they had been feature in newspaper.

All bills will be charge 10% service charge

With their food decoration, taste and the pricing. I just feel its okay. Nothing fancy.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 4.5/10 , Ok only -Stamped-

-WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

No 45, Jalan Radin Anum Satu,
Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hour :
12.00pm - 3.00pm ,
6.00pm- 11.00pm Monday to Sunday

012-220 3463

The Last House on the Left

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Genre: Drama / Horror / Thriller

Watch this show yesterday whereby we have long day of waiting, so watch this movie to kill some time. Some of my friend plan to go in and take a nap cuz they were quite tired. So I chose this movie cuz I want to watch. It ended every 1 did not sleep and ended up watching the whole movie.. keke~

Although it was Father’s day yesterday, but this movie I think should pay tribute to all the mom’s. Reason why. Watch the movie.

The movie look interesting as the revenge of those parents going after the crime criminals of what they had do to their daughter. At least it’s the story is something different.

The first hour was a bit dragging and honestly was pretty boring. Wish to just fast forward. After that, the criminals had rape and shot her daughter and the daughter was in critical condition and manages to swim and craw all the way back to the house. When the parents saw that, they went beserk as so coincidence that the criminal went to the house for help as the son of the criminal saw the pic that the girl that they had torture happen to be their daughter and he left clue for them.

So this is where the story gets interesting. The parents went to hunt each of them down. 1 by 1.
Horrifying killing scene which makes your eyes go wide big to see or either close your whole eyes till one of my friend she feels like want to vomit. You guys must watch, how aggressive a mom can be when their son/daughter in trouble. RESPECT!

The best part of the movie is the ending part. Where the main criminal, whereby the dad cut all his veins and was paralyze from neck down. His head was then put into microwave and leave it to burst.

Although it is not as horrified as SAW or The Hills have Eyes but still a great movie after 1 hour.

Surely I am looking foward for the new movie Final Destination 4 3-D. Sure its gonna be a kick ass effect movie!
Prefer to watch in the cinema to have the better feeling of cutting and killing.
-- Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped --

Overall ratings 7/10, Ok ok lah~

-- The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk --

State of Play

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Genre: ‎Drama/Crime‎

Watch this alone last week whereby I am quite free, why watch it because the trailer looks good and also the cast which is Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck.

Its another political thriller where Russell Crowe as the journalist trying to find the truth behind the killing scene and ended up connect back to Ben Affleck his friend. A movie is up to my expectation, although the movie I feel it’s a bit uncomfortable for 2 hours but no complains. Was curious who were the people behind the whole scene that create the mess out. It was reveal at the back of the movie.

Can either watch it during movie day or just grab a dvd also can.

-- Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped --

Overall ratings 6.5/10, Ok ok lah~

-- The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk --

Kedai Makanan Ming Kee @ Sri Petaling

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One fine afternoon, after hard work in the morning, then my friends brought me to this place to makan. They know I like to eat, so whenever they can will just kidnap me along. It has been 1 week eating 3 times chicken rice. I think there is a trend for it. When ppl crave for it, will just go in a row. Not me lei~ especially chicken rice.

We reach the shop kinda early so there were many table available. It was a bloody hot day so we choose to sit in the air condition area.

Ask them what is nice, so the usual what is available in the chicken rice shop.

Then the ‘Char Siew Wan Tan Mee’ The base that they are using is quite salty, not my choice, but with the rich texture and some fats on the outer layer of the char siew makes it deliciously good. A few pieces is good, but too many I feel its out of taste. The noodle is normal, not as springy as you can get in other stalls.

The ‘Sui Kau’ is kinda big. Filled with compact pork and prawns in it. It looks like the economical pack but then was not the best.
The total tat we eat for 5 person is around RM35 which including drinks. I feel its kinda cheap. Economical. No wonder that as we were bout to leave the restaurant, the ppl just pouring in. It was full till there are ppl waiting outside to look for tables. Maybe it was lunch time during weekdays. So guess that its normal to have good crowd.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6/10, Okay Lah ~-Stamped-

--Warning-- This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Jalan Lazat 1,
Taman Bukit Indah,

58200,Kuala Lumpur.