Hakka Food at Restoran Chi Ka Yin @Bandar Puteri, Puchong

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Restaurant in Bandar Puteri is mushrooming like crazy, with invites from uLi that I get a chance to come and dine one of the shop in the area which is a Hakka Restaurant located in the heart of the town. The restaurant was very easily located when u see a big building easy pharmax then it’s nearby.

Chi Ka yin

Chi Ka yin (2)

Chi Ka yin (3)

All their specialities are on the wall. If you do not like to look at the menu, then you can just pin point anything on the wall.

Chi Ka yin (4)

The history of it

Chi Ka yin (5)

One of the thing that impress me in this restaurant is this small little shop, that was just began operation about 5 months ago already got so much to bag for, by coming out in the newspaper, and also already got featured in Ho Chiak!

Chi Ka yin (12)

While the night is still young, we kick start with one of the very traditional dish 'Hakka Abacus Seeds (算盘子)' @ RM12(S) RM24(B)

Chi Ka yin (13)

'Hakka Salted Chicken (客家咸鸡)' @ RM13(S) RM25(B), something that look simple but yet very flavourful. I like the soup base of it, which is a bit gingery, salty yet its feels like clear in taste.

Chi Ka yin (14)

'Spring Roll (春卷)' @ RM12(S) RM24(B) that dip in chili sauce, thumbs up.

Chi Ka yin (15)

'Yam Pork Belly (芋头扣肉)' @ RM8(S) RM16(B) is also one of the classic dish, with the yam and pork belley steam till it is very soft till when you put into your mouth will melt away.

Chi Ka yin (16)

'Braised Duck (卤鸭)' @ RM12(S) RM24(B)

Chi Ka yin (17)

'Vinegar Pork Knuckle (白萝卜猪脚醋)' @ RM8(S) RM16(B) is a dish not to be miss in Hakka food. I just love the heavy taste of vinegar and the pork been braised long enough as the skin and meat is soft.

Chi Ka yin (19)

'Salted Vege Fish (咸菜焖鱼) @ RM15(S) RM30(B) as the soup base is not that thick but eat along with rice is a perfect companion.

Chi Ka yin (22)

'Hakka Fried Meat (客家炸肉)' @ RM8(S) RM16(B)

Chi Ka yin (23)

'Yong Tau Foo (醸豆腐)' @ RM8(S) RM16(B)

Chi Ka yin (24)
I love this 'Bitter Gourd Salted Vege Soup (苦瓜咸菜汤) @ RM6(S) RM12(B) as the taste is just right. Not too bitter yet its not very salty vege did not overpower the taste of it. Good to 'Ha For' (cool down body temparture)

Chi Ka yin (25)

'Pepper Pork Stomach Soup (猪肚汤)' @ RM6(S) RM12(B)

Chi Ka yin (26)

'Stir-fried vegetables'

Chi Ka yin (27)

'Salted Egg Steam Pork (咸蛋蒸肉饼)' @ RM6(S) RM12(B)

Chi Ka yin (28)

Is one of my favourite, totally gives me a really home feel yet the best part is they add salty egg yolk in it. The egg been steam till so soft and the taste is there, by adding in a bit of soy sauce, its just perfect!

Chi Ka yin (29)

Complimetanry 'Konyaku Jelly' in the house.
With the pricing and quality of food that they are serving, definately I would be back for more.

Restoran Chi Ka Yin
Address: No.9-G, Jalan Puteri 2/6,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

Tel: +6017 6080886


There are 10 Taufu Eaters for Hakka Food at Restoran Chi Ka Yin @Bandar Puteri, Puchong