Mee Sotong, Hameed 'Pata' Special Mee @ Padang Kota Lama,Pg

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This is one of my favourite mee goreng stall, came back a few times, but did not manage to eat it, cuz it was close on Sunday and usually came back for the weekend and today, the crowd was suprisingly alot. I mean DAMM alot. I have to wait for 1 hour and 15 mins for this because it was holiday season. Wrong timing to eat.

The pricing consider one of the very reasonable that they are offering with the portion being served.

This is what I mean. Wrong timing. This is the crowd that ta pau, have not include the crowd that are dining in.Those people that ta pau were at least 4 packs and above. Celaka

Tadaa...this is the 'mee goreng sotong' that been served. My favorite. Tambah Pedas pedas. Even though I cant really take spicy but to the hack, it taste bloody nice. The first 3 mouth I am already sweating like crazee, it is just worth the taste. Alot of sotong on top, taste a bit sweet and you have to stir the whole plate up. It has the 'wok' taste and the meet is wet, not too dry compare to those like eating dry noodle. It only cost RM3.50 for this.

With the noodle served, you people must not miss this stall. directly beside it. Their Signature drink which is.......................

' Coconut Shake', it doesnt taste so sweet, have a very strong coconut juice taste, with vanilla-ice cream and of course the coconut meat in it. Only RM 2. It is very famous among all the patrons there.

and for this last drink as being regular, the taukeh very nice, make me 1 very special refreshing juice which is called 'Limau Shake' which not many people know about it. After having those spicy food. This will be the perfect drink to go along with it. You will have the feeling satisfied. RM1.50 for this wonderfull drink

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8.5/10 , Si Pek Good -Stamped-

- WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Padang Kota Lama
Opposite making passport buiding ( a big car park)
Infront of the play ground.


There are 2 Taufu Eaters for Mee Sotong, Hameed 'Pata' Special Mee @ Padang Kota Lama,Pg