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I was on my way driving back and oh hell, forgot to ask the number of my friend, where she just came back from Melbourne and was at Ipoh. Totally forgot about that. Then dropping by at this Ipoh town where every one been talking about the 'Ngah Choi Kai'. Came here for the 3rd time but the other stall did not open so try up this stall. No Choice. Either this or that. So it is this.

Do not know where am I and what is this placed called so decided to take the pic of the road sign. ^____^. Will be easier for you guys to see also.

Trying out at restaurant 'Ong Kee'. It was around 6pm and the tables was nearly fully occupied.

This shows how good the business are but of course cannot compare with Murni @ SS 2 or Steven's Corner @ OUG / Jln Genting Klang. They are crazee. Occupied the whole street.

This is the 'Leong Cha' as I would say is longan or mata kuching. This drink was too sweet. Maybe accidentally put in more sweet syrup or the sugar in Ipoh is cheap.

Then this is 'Kam Kat' not really as nice as compare to the other stall. Taste much better, more sour sweet.

This 'Tauge' was served first.

Then followed by the famous 'Ngah Choi Kai' a.k.a 'Tauge Ayam' lol..sounds funny. I think it is actually nothing special about this chicken. To me it taste normal but do not know why it is so famous in Ipoh. I believe you can just eat any where in one of the stalls in Penang or KL. Surely the chiken meet is soft ngam ngam taste nice with the soy sauce+sesame oil and their own secret recepi. Makes it just taste okay.

This is the 'Koay Teow Soup' that to be eat with the dish. It is either this or rice. Usually all the people that eat here will take Koay Teow but honestly, after you finishing the whole bowl, a little tip. Prepare a bottle of mineral water after that. You will be very thristy with their secret weapon in there. You really need it. That is why with their secret weapon the food will definitely taste nice no matter what.
This perfect 3 dishes cost RM26 with drinks included. quite a value for 2 person.
-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 5/10 , So So -Stamped--

WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Jalan Yau Tet Sin
As I understand from the highway from KL turn to Jusco(on left side) go straight till you see Pantai Hospital if not mistaken. The traffic light, turn right, go straight all the way(will encounter 2 round abouts). Will reach the town then Police station on right, go straight and the next turning on Right. There is where the stall is there.
Operating Hours
5.30pm till late.


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