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Genre: Drama, Western, War

At first I did not bother want to watch this movie because I had watch a few shows winning the awards and got nominated in alot category always a boring show, but the movie have been a few weeks old and during weekend it is like in the cinema board putting 'selling fast'. I thought how come this kind of movie also got so many people want to watch. Then watch it last weekend.

This movie is about a couple trying to get a herd of cow to Darwin harbour. During the movie, you will get to see the wonderful scene of the Ayers Rock, the waterfall, you will be delighted and amaze of how the way they capture this movie yet, it is very touching on how Nicole Kidman,(ms.bos) cared of the Aborigines which they called it the Mix-not white not black and find the kid in the island when Japan invaded Darwin city during World War II.

To those who like to watch drama movie, I would definitely recommend this movie. A very nice movie. It is around 150minutes.

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Overall ratings 8.5/10

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