Bedtime Stories

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Genre: Comedy/Adventure

A movie by Adam Sandler. In the poster this movie definitely looks good, fantasy full with adventure. What I had in mind was during the night before the kids go to bed, by the bedtime stories, I thought that what the kids said it will directly come true, with the effect of imaginative scene straight away showed up.

It is not a bad movie, as usually kids had better imaginations than adults. A funny movie, but overall it is not what as I expected. I think that 'A Night at the Museum' by Ben Stiller' is nicer than this one. But I must say that, the his best previous show was 'Meet the Zohan' totally great movie by him. You need 'Disco Disco'.

If you were planed to watch, not a bad show. You can choose to watch in cinema or DVD.

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Overall ratings 6/10

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