Chewy Junior Cream Puff part 2

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Ring a phone call from my high school friend saying that Chewy junior had to qued for bout 1 hour. Then I like 'haaa' siau si many ppl meh. Then talk talk talk and hang up.

So it's Friday so as usual the traffic gonna be bloody jam to go back home. Walk out from office and saw the jam. what the hell. Will just go grab my dinner at Pavilion and get Chewy Junior after dinner to kill off some of my time.

After dinner go see where is Chewyy Junior. It is located in front of MOF. hee, the qued is not that long. So decided to line up with my friends.When saw it, feels that another type of J.CO., who cares. Just qued, chat and chat and chat there.. as time pass. Notice an auntie and her daughter starting to get frustrated already. I think it was bout already more than 30 mins I was in the Que. Then me and my friends start to notice them as they were stading 2 person infront of us.

This I MUST BLOG IT just so funny and so sipek KIASU type.
Auntie in between 45 - 55, wearing grey frame spec, about 155-158cm, black hair looks hightlight with grey and white, wearing white t-shirt(pasar malam quality)with black track pants holding a plastic beg(pudu or market style).

Part 1:

When qued bout to reach the processing area, she bump into one of her friend, if not mistaken it was like a church thingy, 'Eh, auntie xxx such a small world, can see you in KL. Guy said, come auntie xxx from SG she is a very nice person..bla bla bla..' the guy had very heavy accent English (buat pandai type) then realise that she is from sg. After that reached the Processing area, the lady here it comes

'Eh boss, let me tell you ahhhh, you cannot let your customer wait for that long 1. you know you should improve on your production. If not your customer will walked away(wat the hell, she been lining up for 30 mins, never see her walked away) then, you must make sure your workers all take care of 1 flavour each la!!! Like that more efficient ma. Then you should put only certain flavours available. Aiyoo...cannot put like dat 1. we can misunderstand. (start crossing what don have) Must advertise correctly ma....Then how to make customer go purchase faster, just sell to them what ever flavour is there la. Easier like dat!!! Boss ah!! you should really think of it. A word of advice from me. (then the boss like keep thank you thank you for your comment, all the while) aiyoo, she think its like the J-Co machinery meh. So fast can do everything. Its different also.

Part 2:

Then after listening to the complain then we just laugh and continue chatting, then another thing she complain, there was a quite pretty lady standing in front of me around her early 30's with her daughter and maid. The daughter is like around 1-2 years old where you can see barely 2 teeth is growing out. Then the lady feed her daughter donut, they auntie saw it. here it comes:

'Aiyooooo, how can you feed your daughter this kind of stuff, Baby where can know how to chew. She will swallow and choked her. Aiya...see you, this must be your 1st baby. You cannot do lik dat wan!!! baby must take good care of them. Eat sweet stuff will 'hai'(mandarin) them. Autny said you must listen 1.' Then lady like never care and keep feeding the daughter as she is just so cute, keeep chewing it and the auntie like cannot tahan and just look other side.

Me and my friend keep laughing again. Then we acted out. Aiyooo, y wait so long 1, they should prepare some complain form hior, then let those people too free got noting to do can help them improve in productivity. hahah..

Part 3:

Finally it was us taking the order after 70 mins. (Record for us, standing so long for this stupid thing)thank god its Friday. Here it comes again the auntie, as the lady infront of me suddenly that that Auntie. Then there were a few flavours ready because the rest are in the processing as the worker tell them.

Here it goes for the Auntie,: I want this, you have this ah, (don have by the worker) you have this flaour ah,( you have to wait 15 minutes) aIYOOOO, y so long, nvm, 1 want this, this, this and that, so ended up she had 6 more choice to go.

Then the lady took her turn to order. Then when next tray was out, I can remember clearly they have 2 bluberry cheeze and 2 strawberry cheeze. Then the lady told the worker she wants 1 each of that. Then the auntie so fast the reaction, Eh,Eh,Eh, I want that, THAT IS MINE,THAT IS MINE, what she claimed. then the lady also like go tell the worker, i want that 2. Faster. The auntie like 'Ei, TOld you arleady, that is mine. FASTER.

Other flavours start to come out. The auntie change this flavour to another flavour, and again. Makes us so frustrated. What she complain never met her actions. Saying that should buy what they have there in the 1st place then now chance this and that. WAH LAU..SI PEK KIASU typical type of auntie Singaporeans. Then we were like, FASTER LA!!!!! aiyooo...change change change, even the worker also got frustrated. lol~

Auntie, Thanks to you for the entertainment. No you no this long long blog..

Heeeee, then manage to grab to box for ourselves. It tasted a bit weird as the skin feels weird, then my frens said that, chewing gum like that, as bite on the skin with your teeth its kinda hard to swallow it, have to chew after a while. Well, then only we understand that, how the names comes. Chewy Gun Singapore doesnt have Bubble Gum so they come out with this similar things. Creative.

This is the main cover of the box. Did follow the instruction to put it chill, I guess mine is not that fresh anymore, because been 2 days and not so chewy anymore my fridge is too cold. Guess it has spoiled the Chewy but definitely still taste nice.

Start with Top Left(Cheeze, Strawberry Cheeze, Almond)
Bottom left(Blueberry Cheeze, Strawberry Cheeze, Apple)

Start with top left( Chocolate, Empty , Strawberry)
Bottom left ( Peanut, chocolate Almond, Apple)
After trying a few, I high recomend on Blueberry Cheeze, Apple, Straberry Cheeze and Cheeze.
The cheeze taste very chezzy as if like you are eating a whole lot of cheeze. With the Toppings which is not too sweet just nice to mix both of the taste together and lastly the taste of the cream inside the puff are kinda milky, If they don put it I believe it will taste better. The strawberry, you can see the strawberry on top of it which kind a lot.
The price is alrite Buy 1 box free 1 box.
Can give it a try not a bad puff afterall.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 5/10 , PASS

- WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Pavilion, 1st floor.
Infront of MOF.


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