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One of the food outlet which is no stranger to all of us, I remembered that during my college times, when we were pretty broke yet still want to enjoy nice food, we head to hunt their set lunch at RM14.90 comes with a drink at Subang Parade outlet, and we just sit there talk and watch soccer and for the first outlet that they open in Penang, my dad brought me to dine there, he give me a prank yet also a surprise on my birthday few years back, that I have to stand on the table holding chili sauce bottle to sing as song to a full house crowd~ Gowd!, that was one of a great experience that I kept with the restaurant.


It was not until recently that got invited to go to TGI Fridays to try out one of their new menu, Tex-Mex, the range of Mexican food. When comes the word Mexican, the next word that pop out from my mind is Tacos, with fine fried bacon baked with cheese. Yummm~


The bar area in the restaurant also used to be one of my favorite hang out spot after work, as I often came by for their happy hour after work when I was in Penang as it was on the way back home. I love their dim light ambiance filled with a few big LCD to watch ESPN or some news to chill and nice Bartender to talk with. It was chill and relaxing after hard day of work.

TGI (2)

TGI (3)

It always depends on mood to hunt for which beer but to me, it was always draft, never on bottles~ The clear and fresh taste of it. Stout is one of my favorite choice but Heineken is the most preferred choice as its cooling and refreshing.

TGI (4)

With the branch at Hartamas Shopping Complex, the team had put in a lot of effort to decorate the place and the team had won several times as the best dress restaurant, cannot deny that now the whole restaurant had Mexican ambiance that decorated with donkey, cactus and famous Mexican hat.

TGI (5)

TGI (6)

Even Elvis Presly will entertain you for the night. :D

TGI (7)

TGI (8)

and I just love this wall that decorated with old classic vinyl record lable on it.

TGI (9)

TGI (10)

The day could not be any better that we got served with ‘Gold Mango Margarita’ ripe mango pureed with tart lime juice and shaken with tequila and triple sec. The mango smell is so tempting but they were never stingy with their tequila shots, it was strong, a few sips already make me haywire abit, but it was good. RM17.90. The good news is, they also served 'Virgin Gold Mango Margarita' whcih is without alcohol.

TGI (11)

'Quesdo Fondido' (RM 14.90) - Melted Monterey Jack cheese, crisp bacon, jalapeno, roasted peppers, onions and pico de gallo. Served with crisp corn tortilla chips

TGI (12)

One of the best starter that I had so far at Friday’s that we just simply could not resist the temptation of cheese yet been pan fried with fine chopped bacon to add in the kick and the best part is to dig with tacos me and Ken just eat like it was owned by us, simply delicious. Recommended~

TGI (13)

TGI (14)

This is how it looks like~ That it was gone in seconds

TGI (15)

'Friday's Three-For-All' (RM 35.90) - Friday's very own big-enough-to-share platter features a trio of their most famous appetizers: Loaded Potato Skins, Fried Mozzarella and Friday's own spicy Buffalo Wings, complete with sour cream and green onions, marinara sauce and celery sticks with Bleu Cheese dressing.

TGI (16)

Ken showing off his gadjet~

TGI (17)

'SOL Ribeye Asada' (RM47.90) Tender chargrilled ribeye steak marinated in SOL beer served with chipotle lime butter and oven roasted potatoes, onions and peppers.

TGI (22)

The steak had been grilled to my prefered choice, medium and, juicy and rich in taste that had been season with lime butter that did not overpower the original steak taste in it.

TGI (18)

'Tilapia Vera Cruz' (RM 25.90) - Sauteed tilapia fish fillets slimmered with tomatoes, sweet & spicy peppers, capers and olives. Served with herb rice. The rice is fragrant that they make it a perfect combination to eat it with the soft juicy fish.

TGI (19)

'Chicken Ranchero Tacos with Herb Rice' (RM 22.90) - Tender slow slimmered chicken mixed with spicy Ranchero tomato sauce, Monterey Jack cheese stuffed in soft tortillas and topped with corn, black bean pico de gallo and shredded cheese. Served with Herb Rice.

TGI (20)

TGI (21)

'Chicken Ranchero Tacos with Roasted Potatoes and Peppers' (RM 22.90) - Tender slow slimmered chicken mixed with spicy Ranchero tomato sauce, Monterey Jack cheese stuffed in soft tortillas and topped with corn, black bean pico de gallo and shredded cheese. Served with Roasted Potatoes and Peppers.

TGI (23)

'Beef Ribs' (RM 52.90) - This full rack of beef ribs is expertly cooked to ensure they're fall-off-the-bone tender. Then it will be fire-grilled and glaze it with Friday's own tangy barbeque sauce and serve with crispy fries.

A choice of dish that will never go wrong if you do not know what to order in the menu. Aromatic thick bbq sauce that add on to the soft tender ribs, by using fork, the meat is easily penetrated that shows how soft it is.

TGI (24)

One of TGI signature, 'Brownie Obsession' (RM 13.90) - A warm brownie covered in chocolate-fudge sauce, vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and pecans.

When comes to desert, girls would usually go crazy over it, but we guys do crazy over it too. Me and Ken was like, Ummm…hoh liau…Ahh.. Its good and satisfying. For us, one person could not finish it, as its filled with rich chocolate that its quite sweet for us but sharing, just perfect.

TGI (25)

If you would like to taste a bit of every desert, TGI had come out with a special mini deserts.

TGI (26)

'Chocolate Oreo® Mint Crunch, Snickers® Treat, Strawberry Parfait, Mocha Latte, Tropical Delight' (RM3.90/each)


It was one of a great night, with great companions with being there and also the PR person that show us with their warm hospitality and of course their friendly staff. Could not deny that their service is excellent, with Jose being one of their friendly staff.

Don't miss the boat to try out TGI Friday's Tex-Mex promotion from 15th April until 14th May 2010.

The Tex-Mex promotion is available at all TGI Friday's outlets throughout Malaysia. For more information, please visit or join TGI Friday's Malaysia Facebook fan page at to receive updates.

Get the feel of the Mexican taste at your nearest TGI Friday's outlets~

For reservations: Call 03 – 7957 3245 (Section 14, PJ), 03 – 5634 2956 (Subang Parade, SJ), 03 – 7729 4822 (1 Utama, BU), 03 – 7726 6899 (The Curve, Mutiara Damansara), 03 – 2148 3766 (Pavilion, KL), 03 – 5635 3780 (Sunway Pyramid, Sunway), 03 – 6203 9231 (Hartamas Shopping Centre, Sri Hartamas), 04 – 641 3363 (Queensbay Mall, Penang), 07 – 221 3380 (Wisma JOTIC, Johor Bahru), 03 – 8070 7350 (IOI Mall, Puchong), 03 – 4142 7366 (Wangsa Walk Mall, Bandar Wangsa Maju), 03 – 2287 7611 (The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City)


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