Nasi Lemak @ SS14,PJ

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This is one of my place that I used to eat alot during when I was studying at Metropolitan College back in those very long long time ago. Let me seee...I think should have been around 6 years already as I left Metro was year 2003.hmmmmm....back in those days, would eat late lunch if we crave to go here makan. Cuz they start operating after 2pm. Go too early also don have.

As I tried 2 attempt previously as once they were closed, 2nd time I was too early thought of trying my luck as I was there in that area early, mana tau..don have..

This is where the business has started, and there were people queuing up already and I was no.5 on that line at that moment. After so long, their business is still so good

This is how simple the nasi lemak stall is. Some choices to choose from but all super nice.

This is what I usually order back in those days, white cabbage with mutton (curry banjir)and of course..........

The fried chicken that must not miss. I waited 15 minutes for the chicken and yet they still taste the same as last time.

I highly recommended this place to eat if you stand a chance to go nearby that area.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 10/10 ,Very verY GOOD -Stamped-

-WARNING --This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Restaurant Wong Soon Kee
Jln SS14/2,
Subang ,PJ
[Opposite Maybank/Burger King (SS15)]
(at the junction and nearby the pedestrian walk over link from SS15 to SS14)


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